Reverse Loans aka… The Reverse Mortgage Loan

 How to get a reverse mortgage loan in Florida.

The most common loan for those over age 62 is quickly becoming the HECM or reverse mortgage loan. Some call it a reverse loan for short, but the technical term is definitely a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage or HECM.

This loan has gone through many changes over the years but unlike most government based programs this has gotten better for seniors instead of worse. Why? Well, they (HUD) has really made the laws and changes needed to protect seniors from the pitfalls this product once had.

As an example: Lets say you were 68 and you spouse 61. Back in the day, you would get the mortgage in your name only to maximize your cash flow as a 68 year old will get higher proceeds than a 61 year old. Actually, the 61 does not qualify but for simplicity, we won’t get in to that. Then, the unthinkable happens you hit 78, and die. Given you were the only person on that loan, the loan is due and payable but your spouse now 71 does not have the means or equity to repay it…. what does he/she do? Well, this was a issue but now this issue is no longer. HUD realized this was causing issues or surprises to seniors and made a new ruling. This ruling states both spouses have to be 62 or older if they occupy the home together and they both must be on the loan. This protects the spouse who lives longer to be able to stay in the home should the other die before them.



The beauty in a reverse mortgage is you never have to leave your home and can stay there until you die or choose to sell it. Of course, you must keep your taxes and insurance current while keeping the house in good repair but what senior doesn’t do this? The rules on this product continually change as HUD takes more and more measures to protect our seniors.

Often times government intervention is a bad thing. However, so far all the changes I have seen have been to protect the long-term interest of the seniors. I think this is a good thing. I hope this article has enlightened you regarding the reverse mortgage product. More importantly, I hope it has provided you with an extra measure of assurance that this product is safe and reliable for you and the ones you love.

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Digisade Review- Is Digisade legit?

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Reverse mortgages common questions and answers

One of the main inquiries/questions/concerns that senior citizens have when seeking specific financing like a HECM is. Can my home be taken from me? Can I lose my home? Can the gov’t take my home away and what other surprises may I encounter.

The response may astound you. The answer to that question is YES, however don’t stress it almost never happens and ONLY would happen in the event that you don’t pay your home owners insurance or are delinquent in your real estate taxes…

So despite the fact that it is conceivable, the statistics prove that it almost never happens to seniors.

There is one other thing you ought to realize that banks certainly need you to do and that is to keep your home in great repair.

What is good repair? Well, cut the lawn do what is the norm and nothing beyond that. We all know what a reasonable standard is for homes.

So there is so much to share, where do I begin? Lets keep the first basic. The most obvious reason seniors get a reverse mortgage is to eliminate their existing mortgage right?


Second is to have additional an money stream and or to make their life easier. So many seniors have to life on their small check from the united states govt called Social security and struggle to survive with day to day expenses. This can all be solved if they have the equity to get a reverse mortgage.

Given that the FHA guarantees these mortgages you can have peace of mind that you will never get any surprises. They are there to help and protect the interest of seniors with rules and guidelines to ensure the success of this program day after day. The have been issuing reverse mortgages for over 20 years now.


More to follow in the days to go ahead why Reverse Mortgages are so incredible and how you can profit from them in the following 30-60 days.

For now, I have supplied you with some videos you can watch to educate your self. This is a four part series that will teach you the pros and cons of these great mortgages. You can find the videos on you tube by searching Sarasota reverse mortgage or simply click here for the beginning video.

Oh, if you type in reverse mortgage Sarasota in you tube you should find the same series of videos.

Good luck in your search for reverse mortgage facts.